the weekly reset

Win your week with this 30 minute Sunday routine!

It's far too easy to do a lot but not achieve what really matters. Use this process to spark maximum learning & purpose in your actions each week.

Sick of focusing on action and not getting IMPACT? Stay on the path towards your big goals.

Spend time on the things that advance your goals, align with your purpose, and get results.

I still keep a "master" to do list. And consider it extremely valuable. But...

The really intentional work gets outlined during the Weekly Reset.

In just 30 minutes - or less - I get clear on the must do tasks and key mindsets that will really make a difference each week.

If you are committed to making a big impact, the Weekly Reset is a key routine.

9 Simple Steps to Plan & Optimize Your Week

Get clarity about what is in the way of your goals and reframe the challenges as invitations for further growth and learning.

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